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Time to prepare.

Sitting here with the rain drumming on the window it is difficult to think ahead to an active beekeeping season - but that is what we must do.

The first event which you need to know about is the Asian Hornet Workshop to be held at the Sunninghill Community Hall, Culliford Road in Dorchester. The event is on this Sunday the 18th February from 2:00pm to 5:00pm and includes:

  • Update on the Asian Hornet situation in the County from Mark White
  • Tea and Cakes
  • Talk by Pollenize on using AI for Asian Hornet detection.
  • There will be local and regional experts there with an opportunity for questions.

We were hoping to give out some Trappit but at the moment it is impossible to get hold of. There will be recipes for making your own.

Also next week we are starting the Beginners Course for aspiring beekeepers - or those just interested in beekeeping. Full details are avaialble on this web site.

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