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More Learning Opportunities

For those of you who are just thinking about becoming beekeepers I can highly recommend the Dorchester and Weymouth Beekeepers Beginners Course starting in February. But then of course I would recommend it as I am one of the speakers! It is a course we have run before and feedback has always been good.

For those looking for something else then there is the Somerset Annual Lecture Day. There will be a packed programme of talks, workshops and a trade hall aimed at beekeepers at all levels.

The programme at present includes:


Beekeeping techniques for the better beekeeper: Gerry Collins NDB
Understanding the evolution of natural Varroa-tolerance mechanisms in various beekeeping populations: Professor Stephen Martin
Catch it if you can! Gerry Collins NDB
Bees and how we care for them - translating bee research into real world conservation: Professor Juliet Osborne

Workshops: - choose one workshop in the morning and one in the afternoon.

a Microscopy: Bridget Knutson
b How to keep bees in poor weather - and survive: Geoff Blay
c Morning only! Beekeeping with Asian hornets: Richard Noel - Brittany beefarmer
c Afternoon only! Making Asian hornet traps: Colin Lodge
d Morning only! Integrated Pest Management Meghan Seymour, SW Bee Inspector & team
d Afternoon only! What is most likely to kill my bees apart from Asian Hornets? Meghan Seymour, SW Bee Inspector & team
You need to have purchased a ticket to attend the workshops;

Then there is the BBKA Beekeepers Convention. This will be held in Shropshire from April 12th to 14th. This is always a well attended show - well it is organised by beekeepers for beekeepers. There is a very full programme of events - far too many for me to describe here. Why not head over to the BBKA site and find out more. All of the lectures are popular - but some are fully booked sooner than others - so better get your bookings in as soon as they open at noon on Monday January 29th - that is next Monday.

Well I hope that gives you a good range of possible places to go to find out more about beekeeping.

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