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For Sale

On this page, and its companion the "Wanted" page, are listed items which may be able to change hands. In this context Dorchester and Weymouth Bee Keepers are only the messengers and it is up to you to confirm that everything is as it should be.

If you have items for sale then just let me know at Best to send in a complete description suitable for newbies as they are most likely to be interested. In addition send in photos, preferably JPEG but I can handle most sizes, formats and resolutions. In addition supply contact details which will be published with your advert.

Once you have sold the item then do let me know. I will then remove the listing. Listings will be removed after a month on the site. If you want them relisted just let me know.


GasVap for Sale

If you don't know what a GasVap is then you are not alone. It is a device for fumigating hives to rid them of varroa - and this is the right time of year to be planning just such a task. If you want to know more about GasVap they have a site here.

Rowland has a used Gasvap for sale. It comes with oxalic measure, 4 caps and poly hive extension tube. Approximately £60 worth if purchased new but to us just £35.

Rowland's email is

Polystyrene Hive

National Polystyrene Hive purchased from National Bee Supplies and  never used . It has never been outside having been stored in a shed. It has  three coats of paint and ready to go. Asking price £100  phone 01305 592431 or  07707724325 (Broadmayne Dorchester).

 Tony's Sale - added to the site 2nd April 2024

For those looking to build up their equipment for the new season here is a lot of equipment. This is being sold by Erica on behalf of her late husband. Reasonable offers will be seriously considered.

She can be contacted on 079 571 151 17

  • 1 Stainless Steel 3 frame tangential extractor, nearly new £195
  • 3 National supers with frames - each £60
  • 1 National super £30
  • 1 Packet of 10 Hoffman frames - new £15
  • 1 National brood box - flat pack new £35
  • 1 Four pint rapid feeder £3
  • 1 One gallon contact feeder £3
  • 1 Plastic wasp excluder £5
  • 1 Wood hive brush £5
  • 1 Wood nucleus box - flat pack new £10
  • 1 Stainless steel smoker £25
  • 1 Queen marker cage and plunger £3
  • 1 Queen press in cage £2
  • 1 Poly bee transit box and 6 frames with foundation £15
  • 10 National super frames with new foundation £35
  • 2 National brood frames with new foundation £5
  • 22 Sheets of wired brood foundation £15
  • 3 Sheets of wired super foundation £2
  • 2 Wood queen rearing frames £2

Colony for Sale - posted 8th April 2024

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