For Sale

On this page, and its companion the “Wanted” page, are listed items which may be able to change hands. In this context Dorchester and Weymouth Bee Keepers are only the messengers and it is up to you to confirm that everything is as it should be.

If you have items for sale then just let me know at Best to send in a complete description suitable for newbies as they are most likely to be interested. In addition send in photos, preferably JPEG but I can handle most sizes, formats and resolutions. In addition supply contact details which will be published with your advert.

Once you have sold the item then do let me know. I will then remove the listing.

One of our members has had a bad reaction to a sting so has decided to give up beekeeping.

Lot 1- £750
3x National Hive (each hive has; stand/ varroa floor/ entrance block/ brood box/queen excluder/2x super/ crown board/ outer lid).  2 with flat roofs and 2 with pitched.  1 hive has a strong colony in it. Also a number of brood frames.
45 made up National Super frames- with foundation. Most drawn out.

A number of made up and flat packed (opened and unopened) National frames and foundation (incl 40 unopened National brood frames)
Travel lid (meshed)
2 blanking boards
Queen excluders
2 top feeders
Hive tool/ suit/ gloves/ smoker/ bee brush/ bee escapes
Extra bits and pieces
The Suit and Gloves will not be available until all the bees have gone!

Please contact Lee Rickman on:
Mobile: 07912 313496



Pieces for Sale

Keith and Dennis have the following for sale:
50 x DN5 (Deep National Frames) £70
National Brood Box (flat packed) £40
They can be contacted on : 07508 451851

Polystyrene Hive

National Polystyrene Hive purchased from National Bee Supplies and  never used . It has never been outside having been stored in a shed. It has  three coats of paint and ready to go. Asking price £100  phone 01305 592431 or  07707724325 (Broadmayne Dorchester).

Sarah’s Sale

Sarah of Swanage has the following for sale. She can be contacted at 01929 421433.

She is asking for £100 for the lot – and that has to be a bargain. The buyer collects.

  • 1 Thornes bee escape board
  • 2 converter ekes
  • 2 brand new travel screens  [ never used ]
  • 1 Cloake Board
  • 1 Snelgrove board
  • 1 Honey warming cabinet 2.5 feet long x 2.6 feet high x 1.5 wide 
  • Complete Thornes Wax Extractor with stand and floor
  • 1 Hive carrier
  • 1 hive stand and floor
  • A selection of books

A Retiring Beekeeper

  • 3 Thornes WBC Hives complete with varroa floors, 14 x 12 brood boxes , queen excluders, 3 supers, crown boards and entrance slides, plus 1 hive has a colony of bees
  • Thornes radial extractor (manual)with stand
  • Stainless steel double slide strainer, conical straining bag with strap and de-capping tools
  • 20 litre tank with valve & 2 x 30 lb buckets with lids
  • Frame showcase
  • 4 new flat pack supers still wrapped
  • New flat packed Manley frames and wired foundation
  • New 14 x 12 frames and foundation
  • 1 x swarm bucket
  • Box 60 1lb jars + lids
  • Box “Hivealive” fondant expiry date 8/23
  • Box of 9 “Apiguard” expiry date 7/23
  • Plus lots of odds and ends – the sort of things we all collect over the years.
Total price £850.00
Mobile : 07539944634  or Land Line 01929 553685 (answering machine on phone)

A shaker box for collecting young bees to stock mating nucs. It comprises: ventilated box; funnel which is fitted with an excluder to weed out any stray drones and a lid (not shown in the photos). The excluder could be cut out of the funnel to convert it into a swarm collection box.
£20, collection from Portland from Rowland who can be contacted at

Rowland also has books for sale:

Br Adam ‘Beekeeping at Buckfast Abbey’ paperback copy of this book that gives an overview of Adam’s methods. General wear but good. £7.50. Collection from Portland or if it suits you better we can take a PayPal payment and post to you (UK address) at no extra cost. 

National Hive with Bees

National Hive for sale with 2 brood boxes housing a strong colony. The asking price is £200. Further details are available from Peter Davidge on 075805 10021