For Sale

On this page, and its companion the “Wanted” page, are listed items which may be able to change hands. In this context Dorchester and Weymouth Bee Keepers are only the messengers and it is up to you to confirm that everything is as it should be.

If you have items for sale then just let me know at Best to send in a complete description suitable for newbies as they are most likely to be interested. In addition send in photos, preferably JPEG but I can handle most sizes, formats and resolutions. In addition supply contact details which will be published with your advert.

Once you have sold the item then do let me know. I will then remove the listing.

National Hive with Bees

National Hive for sale with 2 brood boxes housing a strong colony. The asking price is £200. Further details are available from Peter Davidge on 075805 10021

Extractor – Stainless Steel.
This is a 9 shallow or 3 deep extractor in good condition. This belongs to the club and we have decided to put it up for auction. The starting price is £150. (I have had a look on a well known supplier’s site and it looks as if the nearest equivalent is about £520.
All bids should be sent to by midnight on the Saturday 12th September 2020. Please put “Extractor” in the subject line. Good luck.

An Apiary for Sale!

All National Hive parts.
8 Wooden supers £10 ea
1 Wooden brood boxes £10
1 Swienty Super £12
2 Swienty Brood boxes £15 ea
1 National hive cosy good £5
1 National hive cosy worn £1
1 Wood home-made deep nuke £15
1 Wood home-made normal nuke £15
1 Nuke cosy £3
2 Wooden national bases £1 ea
2 Wooden national lids £5 ea
1 Wooden home-made eke £5
Super frames kit form £5 for 20
Brood frames kit form £5 for 20
Foundation various packs £3 for 10 pieces
1 Oxalic acid vaporiser £15
9 small sample jars + lids £1
1 Honey refractometer £10
Equipment currently all at Stinsford – best time to collect would be at the training session on 5th September at the apiary.
If you think the price is too high, make an offer. It all has to go!
Contact Andy :