For Sale

On this page, and its companion the “Wanted” page, are listed items which may be able to change hands. In this context Dorchester and Weymouth Bee Keepers are only the messengers and it is up to you to confirm that everything is as it should be.

If you have items for sale then just let me know at Best to send in a complete description suitable for newbies as they are most likely to be interested. In addition send in photos, preferably JPEG but I can handle most sizes, formats and resolutions. In addition supply contact details which will be published with your advert.

Once you have sold the item then do let me know. I will then remove the listing.


Stainless steel with a plastic coated extraction basket. Stainless steel 2 part lid. Extraction basket has three segments. Each segment will take 2 national super frames or 1 national brood frame.

Extractor manufactured by EH Taylor of Welwyn many years ago, possibly 50. In working condition, clean and with a few minor dents.

External size – Height 26.5” (67cm) Width 18.25” (46.5cm)

Basket – Depth 14” (35.5cm) Width of segment 11.5” (29cm)