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Becoming a member

Full membership of Dorchester and Weymouth Beekeepers' Association costs just £30 and entitles you to attend all our apiary meetings, talks and events.

You are also able to borrow some of our more specialised equipment which you may only need once a year.

Also included is membership of the British Beekeepers Association (BBKA). Being a member of the BBKA means you get a monthly magazine which is very informative. In addition you have  Product and Public Liability Insurance which covers all sorts of eventualities.

You are also covered by Bee Disease Insurance which means that should you have to destroy your hives as a result of the bees getting European Foul Brood or American Foul Brood then you will be compensated. A rare occurrence but nevertheless peace of mind if you have invested in rather expensive hives.

In addition being a member of the BBKA gives you:

  • Information and advice on beekeeping
  • On line resources - education/training, forum etc
  • £10m Third Party Public Liability Insurance
  • £10m Product Liability Insurance
  • Monthly Membership Magazine - BBKA News
  • Beekeeping Examinations to the highest level
  • Representation at National and International level
  • Annual Spring Convention and Exhibition
  • Audio Visual Aids and Slide Libraries

And all this for just £30 per year.

There are other levels of membership covering partners and people who do not keep bees but just want to stay in touch. All levels of membership are detailed on the membership form which can be downloaded here.  The gift aid form is now included in the membership form. Any queries can be raised with the Membership Secretary, Mike, by email.

Please be aware that D&W BKA will be producing a Year Card for the 2023 - 2024 period giving the name, town or village, postcode and contact number of every member. This will be distributed to all members in paper form only. We draw your attention to the Privacy statement on page 2 of the Membership Renewal Form and repeat here that you must advise us if you do not wish your details to be included in the Year Card. 

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