Thinking about furthering your Beekeeping knowledge?
Bee Craft has come up with an infographic to guide you through your learning journey. Click here to take a look –

If you would like more information about examinations or assessments, the BBKA have a section on their website. Click on the link to go to their information pages.

2017 Spring Course for New Beekeepers [ This course is now finished! ]

Keeping bees has become increasingly popular as more people understand that many species of bees, including honey bees, are at risk from disease and changes to their habitats and the environment.  Becoming a beekeeper can be one way of contributing towards supporting honey bees, and it is an old and interesting craft.

However, looking after honey bees means being committed to looking after animals with particular behaviours and needs.  Although essentially a practical craft, developing a knowledge of the bees and the reasons for some of the methods used in their management makes the work more rewarding for the beekeeper, and better for the bees.

Dorchester and Weymouth BKA will be running a course for new beekeepers in Spring 2018. Click here for more information (about the recent course, but next year’s will probably be similar). If you’re interested, contact Sally Leslie.

2017 Beginners Course