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The Asian Hornet is still here.

Yes, almost certainly it is still here in Dorset - the problem is we don't know where.

What we do know is that:

  • The NBU dealt with over 70 Asian Hornet nests in 2023
  • One nest of Asian Hornet can eat 12kg of flying insects.
  • The Asian Hornet is having a negative affecting on insect eating birds.
  • The best way to deal with Asian Hornets is to be plan ahead.

These are just some of the facts I have learned in the past month.

This is a good time to find out how we can prepare for the Asian Hornet invasion.

  • Asian Hornet Awareness Evening at the Colliton Club tonight the 29th November.

There will be a talk by Mark White on the latest developments with contributions from several members of Dorchester and Weymouth Beekeepers who were called to help with the two nests found on Portland.

  • 2nd South West Beekeepers Forum Asian Hornet Conference.
    • The list of speakers is on the web and is impressive including
      • Megan Seymour - from the NBU
      • Alistair Christie - from Jersey where they have loads of experience
      • Dr. Peter Kennedy - from Exeter University
      • Dr. Sandra Rojas Nossa- on the impact of Asian Hornet on biodiversity
      • Quentin Rome - on the impact of Asian Hornet in France
      • Bob Hogge - on the impact of Asian Hornet on beekeepers.
    • The conference is in Bridgwater TA6 6LQ
    • The cost to participate in the workshops is £10
    • The date of the event is the 6th January 2024
    • Full details are here.

Tickets are selling well and with just 300 places available I suggest booking early.

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