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Swarm in a Hawthorn Tree - © Crown copyright

It may seem premature to be talking of swarms when some of us have only managed a couple of full inspections but things can change very rapidly.

If you do see a swarm then do not ring our Bee Inspector. Instead check out the BBKA web site. On there you will find links to help you identify a swarm and a map to show you all the local swarm collectors.

For those of you who have not come across a swarm before here are some useful points:

  • Beekeepers only collect honey bees.
    • We do not deal with wasps
    • We do not deal with bumble bees.
  • A swarm can appear as a terrifying invasion - it is not.
    • The bees are looking for a new home - not a new victim!
    • The bees are looking after their queen.
    • When they have found a new home they will fly off there.
    • I have collected many swarms and I never been stung whilst swarm collecting.
    • Our ideal swarm is hanging from a branch within easy reach.
    • Our most difficult are those in cavity walls - high up!
    • Most swarms will move on within a few hours - as soon as they have found a better location.
    • Once we have collected a swarm we will place it in one of our hives.

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