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Swarm in a Hawthorn Tree - © Crown copyright

It may seem premature to be talking of swarms when some of us have only managed a couple of full inspections but things can change very rapidly.

If you do see a swarm then do not ring our Bee Inspector. Instead check out the BBKA web site. On there you will find links to help you identify a swarm and a map to show you all the local swarm collectors.

For those of you who have not come across a swarm before here are some useful points:

  • Beekeepers only collect honey bees.
    • We do not deal with wasps
    • We do not deal with bumble bees.
  • A swarm can appear as a terrifying invasion - it is not.
    • The bees are looking for a new home - not a new victim!
    • The bees are looking after their queen.
    • When they have found a new home they will fly off there.
    • I have collected many swarms and I never been stung whilst swarm collecting.
    • Our ideal swarm is hanging from a branch within easy reach.
    • Our most difficult are those in cavity walls - high up!
    • Most swarms will move on within a few hours - as soon as they have found a better location.
    • Once we have collected a swarm we will place it in one of our hives.

We have a "For Sale" page which has proved very successful. In fact it is so successful the item which I advertised yesterday has already gone! Perhaps this can act as a reminder. Now is a good time to go through all your equipment, clean it and see what you still need. This is an ideal opportunity to sort it all out and what you do not need can be moved on to someone who does need it.

Whilst I have your attention a reminder of the honey survey. In an attempt to get a fuller picture based on facts rather than hearsay the BBKA is conducting a survey on honey yields. The survey is available from this link. it is available from now to the 25th October. Do respond. It also asks a couple of questions on training requirements. If you are still extracting then you still have a month to do the survey.

Even more whilst I have your attention do not forget that membership renewals are now due. The form is here from where it can be easily downloaded and processed. For those who prefer pdf format that is available here.

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