A lot is going on!

Sunday 2nd June: Thomas Hardy Street Fair 11.00 – 4.00pm

If you weren’t there then you missed our demonstration of skep making  at the Thomas Hardy Street Fair. But here are some pictures from the day:


And for those of you wondering what is the connection between skep making and bee keeping – wonder no more.

When collecting a swarm of bees the skep is used to hold the bees. It has advantages in that it is light weight but substantial so when you have to climb up a ladder and hold out the skep into which you are going to drop the swarm then it is much easier to use than a cardboard box.

It also has the advantage that the internal surface is bee friendly so when you invert the skep over your collecting sheet the bees do not all fall out as they would if you collected them in a plastic box.

More details of the fair are shown here.

Sunday 9th June:Bee Safari
There was an all day bee safari on the 9th of June when the Seasonal Bee Inspector Kevin Pope guided us around several apiaries in the Tincleton and Bockhampton area.  A brief report and pictures are here.

Thursday 13th June:Bee Social at the Colliton Club at 7pm
The social evenings are open to members and prospective members. They are an ideal opportunity to chat bees over a pint. At this one we hope to discuss what we can do for the Beefest so if you want to help and enjoy a social make certain you are in the back bar of the Colliton Club on Thursday.

Saturday 29th June Beefest at Poundbury 11.00 – 4.00pm
This event is all about Bees and Pollinators but there will be a lot of other stalls and activities.
We hope to do candle-rolling; have an information stand plus Asian Hornet  information, the photo-board,  skep-making,  selling honey, and promoting bees and beekeeping generally.  The more volunteers who we have the more we can do.

Wednesday 10th July: Bee Social at the Colliton Club at 7pmThe social evenings are open to members and prospective members. They are an ideal opportunity to chat bees over a pint.

Thursday 11th July:Committee Meeting
This is when plan. If you have any suggestions about what you think we do right, what we do wrong or what we could do better then do let one of us know.

Saturday 27th July an Event in the Borough Gardens, Dorchester
Plastic Free Dorchester Team is running this will as showing how we can be plastic free. Other aspects of preserving and enhancing our environment will also be there so we will   focus on bees & pollinators.

The weather is getting better!

At last I can open the windows without being drenched or blown away. Time to think of the bees again.

Many of our members have put out Asian Hornet Traps and as the weather gets warmer so we must be more vigilant. As it warms up there is an increasing likelihood that any Asian Hornets which have overwintered in Dorset will now come out looking for food.

Check your traps daily.

I have put a map on the site which shows where we have Asian Hornet traps.

If you have an opportunity to place a trap in an area which is not covered then late me know and we will make appropriate arrangements.

I have also added two new social evening dates to the website – see the Dates on the right. We meet in the Back Bar of the Colliton Club, Dorchester, DT1 1XZ.

Go in the front entrance, round the side of the front bar and into the back area where there is another bar and a lot more seating. There can be anything between 5 and 15 members sitting around in a group.

Location of Asian Hornet Traps

Below is a map showing the location of Asian Hornet Traps given to members of the Dorchester and Weymouth Beekeepers. The spread is not too bad though we could do with some more traps further North.

The risk of the appearance of the Asian Hornet increases as the weather gets warmer and vigilance is important.

  • Those of us with traps should be checking them daily.
  • Those of us with bees should be carefully looking at their hives to see if there are Asian Hornets “hawking”.
  • all of us can go walking in the countryside looking for nests.

We all have a part to play in this fight.

Map of the Asian Hornet Traps
Click on the map to load the zoom and pan version.
The map opens in a new window.

Asian Hornet Trap locations
Map of location of Asian Hornet Traps

Did You Miss The Auction?

If you weren’t there then you missed it. If you did miss it then the photos below show what you missed. There was quite a range of items for sale and apart from a hive tool just about all you needed was there.

Perhaps next year?

If you cannot wait till next year then perhaps a trip to Taunton Bee Auction is for you on 24th March 2019

If you did not miss the auction then you know what bargains were there.