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The Apiary Year

Looking after 50,000 bees takes time. Many of us have more than one hive so the taking care of the hives takes even more time. On this suite of pages I am creating a list of tasks to do each month. A more complete set of links - and more up to date is on the Dorset Beekeepers' BeeInfo pages

It is difficult to be prescriptive about what tasks have to be done each month. Whether you think climate change is man made or just natural variation I think we can all agree that our weather is very different now from what it once was. As a result we may find that what we would expect to do in March we may now have to do in February. In addition your apiary may be in a field and much more exposed to chilling winds than an apiary in your back garden. Thus read the suggestions for tasks for the month but do take into account the local conditions in your apiary.

These links are all to the BeeInfo area of the Dorset BKA website.

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