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If you think you have a swarm of honey bees then volunteers from the Dorchester and Weymouth Beekeepers Association will come and have a look. If they are honey bees and if they are accessible then we will remove them - if that is what you wish.

Bees are a valuable resource as they are responsible for pollination of many of the crops which we go on to eat - such as all the soft fruits and the apples and pears. If we collect a swarm from you then we will find one of our members who has a vacant hive and they will then be rehomed - the bees that is not the member!

These are difficult times and we ask only that whoever attends your swarm is allowed to investigate the swarm whilst at the same time observing the "social distancing" rules.

Before you call one of us out can we ask that you look at the BBKA page  on swarms which has  information on identifying honey bees. We only collect Honey Bees and do not collect any other flying insect swarms.

The one exception to this is the Asian Hornet. If you suspect you have one of those then please contact us urgently.

If you decide that they are honey bees then if you look at the bottom of the BBKA swarm page you will find a map which will show the location of  local beekeepers who can help. Ring the one that is nearest to you. If they do not answer then keeping moving out until someone answers. We are keen to help and will happily travel many miles to rescue a swarm.

Dorchester and Weymouth Beekeepers have volunteers that make themselves available during the swarming season to give help and advise and if appropriate will take the swarm away for you.
The list of swarm collectors now has part of the postcode. I suggest you ring the one closest to you but if there is no answer keep working through the list. We are keen to help both you and the bees.

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