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Next week is forecast to be warm - in fact it could be very warm. It could be warm enough to entice Asian Hornet Queens to visit your traps or even just fly around looking for food.

Remember at this time of year they are looking for carbohydrate rather than protein. Keep your eyes open when out doors. This does not just mean when you are at your apiary but at all times when passing any flowering plants. In Spain many of the Asian Hornet nests have been in towns.

This weekend we have been able to make another hive inspection. It looks like the hive that had Chronic Bee Paralysis Virus has recovered. Full details can be seen on the blog page.

The image below shows what you do not want to see in your apiary. It is the result of CBPV and the bees have died where they fell. More information is on the BeeInfo page

Result of Chronic Bee Paralysis Virus

This Wednesday we have a social at the Colliton Club in Dorchester. This is an informal chat session where you could raise any concerns or queries about bees - or anything else. Just remember one question to five beekeepers result in at least six answers, Hope to see you there.


Been a busy time and a lot going on. What can we say of the weather - one moment it is warm and we put away our winter clothes and the queen starts to lay. Next it is cold and the winter clothes have to be got out and the workers do not want to go out. It is for this reason that the NBU have issued a starvation alert. Check your hives and if you suspect low stores then now is the time to give them some food. More details can be found on our Bee Info page and at the NBU site.

This was before we got started.

Last weekend was the Dorset Spring Show at Kingston Maurward. The picture above shows what it was like before the gates opened. The picture below shows what happened when the gates opened.

And this is what happened when the gates opened.

For a full report of what we did go to our new events page and link from there.

As the weather warms up - which surely it will - we must be ever more alert to the risk from an Asian Hornet invasion. At the moment the fertile queens will be emerging from hibernation. They are making a small nest in sheltered locations like a shed roof. Check all your sheds.

The queen will be laying eggs and seeking food for the larvae that hatch. Her need is for carbohydrate so any bait stations or traps should have sweet bait. There are many suggestions on the web but basically anything sweet smelling and full of sugar will do. The French recipes often include a sweet liqueur such as Cointreau. I leave it up to you to decide.

If we can catch one queen now then we might be prevent up to 350 fertile queens going into next winter.

There is an excellent video from the BBKA at YouTube.

Finally a reminder that there is a DWBKA Social at the Colliton Club on Wednesday 8th May at the Colliton Club in Dorchester. The socials consist of beekeepers sitting around chatting about whatever is on their mind. Usually the chat is about bees but not always. It is an ideal chance to find out how local beekeepers are faring in this up and down weather. I hope to see you there.

Just got back from the BBKA convention in Shropshire and had a wonderful time. If you get a chance to go then take it.

One reason for going is to top up your stocks of frames and foundation and be tempted by other items to buy - and I was.

The good news : Simon the Beekeeper was there and doing a lot of business. I had heard they were no more but chatting to the staff they told me they closed and reopened in the same day and are now going well. Judging by the number of people at their counter then they are certainly are doing well.

So if you are looking for "stuff" then Simon the Beekeeper is one to consider.

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