Dorset County Show Planning

Is is not often I put socials at the top of the blog page but this time I am.

Why you may ask.

Well the reason is that this is not just any social – this is a Dorset County Show Planning Social. Yes this is a meeting to all get together and plan who does what to make a visit to the  Dorchester and Weymouth Beekeepers’ marquee a memorable one. So if you can spare any time over the show weekend then make certain you are at the social this Thursday in the rear bar of  the Colliton Club.

And even if you cannot spare any time to help at the Dorset Show come to the social on Thursday and share your ideas.

And even if you haven’t got any ideas then come to the social anyway and buy us all a drink!

But on a more serious note we do need volunteers and there is still time to read the schedule and get your entries in.





Dorset County Show

Yes it is that time of year again when we look forward to the Dorset County Show. Again this year there will be competitions to be entered in our bee tent. And when I say competitions I mean lots of competitions. If you thought it was all about honey then think again – or better till download and read the schedule for entries.

Once you have done that then download the entry form, fill it in and send it off.

This year I am told we have a bigger tent and more on display so whether you are an existing beekeeper or a  prospective beekeeper this is the time to see what is happening in the world of Dorset bees.

Asian Hornet in Hampshire

If your are not already aware a confirmed sighting of an Asian Hornet, possibly a Queen, has been found in New Milton.  This is just 5 miles away from Christchurch as you can see on the map link.

Monitoring is underway by the NBU to detect any other Asian hornets in the vicinity and local beekeepers are asked to be vigilant. Work is already underway to monitor for any hornet activity and identify any nests which may be in the vicinity. As it is a suspected queen it is likely to be in the primary nest stage.

This is the closest confirmed sighting we have had and we all  need to ensure that monitoring traps are baited regularly and, if possible,  checked daily.

Trap locations are registered on BeeBase, this will assist inspectors. There is also a map of Dorset traps on our site.

Also as you approach your hives spend a moment to monitor hive entrances for signs of hawking  by Asian Hornets before inspecting.

All sightings are reported in the first instance via or the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology

If you catch an Asian Hornet, keep it contained placing it in a freezer to humanly kill and preserve it.

Your local AHAT Officers  are:

Mark White for Dorset  on 07747 620 920
Clare Porter for Hampshire  on 07508 716 044

Members, particularly in the East of Dorset and  on the Dorset & Hants border must undertake pro active steps. We will be in contact with the NBU to offer assistance and also to take further instructions.