New month – new tasks

New month and therefore new tasks and for this I have added a page for July tasks in the apiary. Bear in mind that the bees do not check the calendar and therefore they do not know it is now July and you may find that tasks for June still apply. It is not likely that the bees will swarm this month but it is something we should be aware of even though I have not included it in the July tasks.

I am preparing some more pages of information so keep coming back as I introduce more pages.

New Training Material

OK so the wet day puzzle was a bit of fun but today back to more serious business. The links below are some useful links to new training material.

The NBU has been unable to carry out any Bee Health Day training, evening Association talks or attend any national events due to COVID restrictions.

To part mitigate this, Fera Science have prepared several You Tube training/educational videos, which are now available via BeeBase and are freely available to beekeepers and Associations.  Initially three of these have been released looking at the following topics:
Asian Hornet Biology
Asian Hornet Genetics
European foulbrood

The presentations can be found on BeeBases pages on
Asian hornet

The information can also be accessed on BeeBase news page.

Alternatively there is a link at the foot of the Advisory Leaflets, Training Manuals & Factsheets page.

There is also available  a series of on-line evening lectures throughout the rest of the beekeeping season, starting on 9th June. Topics are chosen to fit with the work in the apiary, aiming to be timely and thought-provoking to inspire all those ‘thinking beekeepers’ out there.

Ken and Dan Basterfield regularly give popular lectures on practical and thought-provoking beekeeping topics. They lecture across the UK and Ireland, from local association meetings to national and international conferences.”

The full programme and booking links can be found here.

The forecast for this week is for thundery showers, some of which could be torrential.  If there was thunder in the air would you want someone to take the roof of your house! I guess not and bees are the same. They can become very aggressive if you try to open the hive in thundery weather. Don’t.

Wet Day Fun

In case you have forgotten this is the knot used to join the binding material used when making a skep. Press "New Game" and see if you can get the knot back to how it should be. Page refresh will set the picture right again.

June Tasks in the Apiary

June already and the bees are busy in the lovely sunshine we are experiencing. Has anyone told them next weekend will be cold and wet?

Anyway I have added a page of information as to what we should be doing in  the apiary this month.

On the swarm front I know that several of us have been called out to swarms and with the splendid weather that we are experiencing then I would not be a bit surprised if we do not get more call outs this week.

One area where it has been very quiet is in our alert system for the Asian Hornet. So far this year we have had no confirmed sightings in England to the best of my knowledge.

Jersey has reported rising numbers of Asian Hornets but numbers are down compared with this time last year.  Remember we must “Be Alert, Control Vespa Velutina, Save our Bees” and the essence of our program is “Track and Trace and Exterminate”. I am pleased to say that the the Covid Virus programme is not quite the same as the Asian Hornet programme!