Why do we need bees?

These difficult times are also times of change, time when we consider why do we need bees – or any insects.

We have an opportunity to review where we are as a society and where we are going. Many of us who have managed to get out will have been amazed at the intense blue of the sky and the enhanced bird song. Perhaps now is a time to consider our work life balance – our work and the life of the planet

Those of us who are beekeepers know how important bees are. But not all the people who look at this site are beekeepers – as I found when I received an email from Sarah’s father.

Bee on yellow flower
Bee on yellow flower by sebastian rosset.

Sarah, like many students, is studying from home and she came across this particular site on the importance of bees as pollinators and she asked that I place a link to it on the links page and this I am happy to do.

That got me thinking and I have found more suitable links which I am also going to add to the links pages.

Friends of the Earth have a useful page on bees of all sorts and their importance as pollinators.

The BBC has a section on the importance of the bees as pollinators. It includes a video with Chris Packham who is always worth listening to.

One of my favourite sites at the moment is ted.com which has lectures on all sorts of subjects from politics to maths and all stops in between. They have a whole section on why we need bees and I am watching one of those talks as I type up this blog.

Woodland Trust also have a very good page on the importance of bees and they also describe the threats to the bees including the Asian Hornet which is such a worry to us as beekeepers.

There are plenty more suitable sites out there but hopefully this sample will get you started. I hope that some of you who are not beekeepers will have a look at some of the links and learn a bit more about why insects, and especially bees, are so important.

My thanks to Sarah for drawing my attention to something more we can be doing for the planet.

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