The weather is getting better!

At last I can open the windows without being drenched or blown away. Time to think of the bees again.

Many of our members have put out Asian Hornet Traps and as the weather gets warmer so we must be more vigilant. As it warms up there is an increasing likelihood that any Asian Hornets which have overwintered in Dorset will now come out looking for food.

Check your traps daily.

I have put a map on the site which shows where we have Asian Hornet traps.

If you have an opportunity to place a trap in an area which is not covered then late me know and we will make appropriate arrangements.

I have also added two new social evening dates to the website – see the Dates on the right. We meet in the Back Bar of the Colliton Club, Dorchester, DT1 1XZ.

Go in the front entrance, round the side of the front bar and into the back area where there is another bar and a lot more seating. There can be anything between 5 and 15 members sitting around in a group.

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