Asian Hornet Week

The week of the 7th to 13th September is Asian Hornet Week.

What can you do to raise awareness? Well I have written a page on the site which explains much that I have been asked about. If you are reading this page you probably know a lot about the Asian Hornet but there are a lot of people who do not. Use the Asian Hornet Week to tell as many people as you can about the threat it poses.

  • Suggest they read the web page on this site,
  • Suggest they download the App,
  • Suggest they tell at least two other people about it.
  • Suggest they go for a walk and look for strange insects
  • If they see a suspicious Asian Hornet alert the authorities using the App

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And by the way something else. On Saturday 29th August there is a program on Channel 4 by Jimmy Doherty on the Big Bee Rescue.