Sort out your kit.

November is a quieter month in the Apiary – though there are still things to do. If you are wondering what then have a look at the page on November tasks.

One of the tasks suggested is to sort out kit which is no longer needed. A couple of local beekeepers have done exactly that and as a result I have placed a couple of items on the For Sale page. One of the items is a honey extractor and the other is a shaker box. Do have a look and contact the sellers if you are interested.

At least one reader took my advice asnd is sorting out his library as well as his equipment and today I have added two books to the For Sale page.

Not been idle myself and in an attempt to make myself a better beekeeper I have started some pages of information pulling together much of what I know and more of what I do not know. Do have a look here and let me know if they are useful. You can get in touch via email to

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