Not long to the auction

Yes at the time of writing it is just 20 days to the auction. There has been a flyer put out describing it but for those who do not read attachments I will summarise.

The auction is at Sunninghill Community Hall at Sunninghill Prep School, South Walks Road, Dorchester DT1 1EB

If you want to sell something then lots can be booked in from 11:00 to 13:00 on the day. All equipment should be clean. We cannot take frames with comb since, like coughs and sneezes, they can spread diseases.

For those wishing to buy there is preview from 13:00 onwards.

The selling starts at 14:00 and will be an auction of beekeeping equipment and associated paraphenalia.

But that’s not all. We have Diane Sleigh there who is a Thorne’s stockist from the  the Bee Depot and she will be happy to take pre-orders. She will also be running Thorne’s wax conversion/exchange. All the wax should be clean but does not need to be filtered. Any pre-orders she can take at diane.sleigh@thebeedepot.

There is car parking on site and there will be refreshments available.

Now that should have told you all I can. I can’t tell you what items will fetch but what I can say is that at the previous auction there were some real bargains. If you still want more information then Andy Ranson is the person to contact on 01305 770730.

And here are some photos from last year’s auction.



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