Newsletter December 2015



Secretary: Sally Leslie, 86 Chiswell, Portland DT5 1AP Tel: 01305 823043


Monday 7th December at The Trumpet Major, Near Dorchester 7.00pm

At the last Committee Meeting we thought it would be a good idea to start having monthly informal ‘get-togethers’ as we realised there is little opportunity for members to meet, chat, discuss, ask questions, etc. So, the first one is on Monday 7th December. We picked The Trumpet Major (DT1 2AB) as it seems reasonably central and easy to get to – just off the bypass, on the first roundabout as you leave Dorchester heading towards Broadmayne. The emphasis is on ‘informal’, come and go as you please. Start 7.00pm but no end time. We will probably change venues so any suggestions on good places to meet would be welcome.


30TH January 2016: In conjunction with the Bee Improvement and Bee Breeders Association (BIBBA) the Bournemouth and Dorset South BKA will be holding a “Bee Improvement for All” day at West Parley Memorial Hall,275 Christchurch Road, West Parley, Ferndown, Dorset, BH22 8SQ

For further details contact Peter Darley on 07825014757



 Subscriptions: I enclose an excerpt from our Constitution to advise of the procedure we have to follow with membership renewals:

a) Branch Members shall pay an annual subscription with effect from 1st. October at a rate decided at the annual General Meeting held later in the same month.

b)   Members who fail to pay their annual subscription by the 30th. November shall be reminded in writing by the Hon. Secretary and if they fail to pay by the 31st. December, they shall cease to be Members of the Branch.

Although it may appear this is a bit harsh, there does need to be a cut-off point as we are obliged to inform BDI and BBKA of any “lapsed” members. Once membership is “lapsed” insurance cover ceases and distribution of publications (eg, BBKA news, Honeycraft and newsletters) also ceases. We can renew a lapsed membership at any time but there will be a delay in re-instating members which will affect Insurance Liability, BDI, receipt of BBKA News and Honeycraft. So, in case you have not yet renewed I attach another membership form with this newsletter. Any queries please contact our Membership Secretary, Chris Donaghy on 01305 852317 or

Gift Aid: I also attach the Gift Aid form again. Any queries on this please contact Ben (Roland Benjamin) on 01305 268432 or

You can send both forms back to either Chris or Ben.

Great British Bake Off: Our County Secretary has received an email from the Production Team of ‘Bake Off’. They are looking for entrants for next year’s Bake-Off and wonder if there are any keen bakers amongst the beekeeping associations! For an application form or any queries go to: Perhaps we could ask them to include ‘the perfect honey cake’ in the repertoire as I have yet to find a Honey Judge who is complementary about any Honey Cake Show recipes.


This is a shorter newsletter than usual as I have also put an update in Honeycraft which we will be receiving this month. There has been very little feedback from members about future events which is why we have decided on the informal monthly meetings. It may be that as these progress ideas will come forward and events arranged through the meetings. As we all know this year has been very mixed with regard to bees and beekeeping. Who knows what next year will bring but I’m sure we will be ready for anything. It only leaves me to wish you all, on behalf of your Committee, a Happy Christmas and New Year.

Sally Leslie