Hive Lures

With so much swarming going on it would be nice if you could set up one of your empty hives as a bait hive. Hopefully the next time you visit the apiary the previously empty hive would be fully populated.

On Ebay, under the category “Beekeeping -used items”, there is some dark brood comb for sale as a potential lure. The price of the frames does make it feasible to use them as a lure.

Advice from those who are experts on apiary hygiene is do not use old brood comb as a lure. Thus the advice is to not purchase used brood comb. It risks bringing disease to your apiary.

A better method of setting up the hive as a bait hive is to set up the hive with clean frames with starter strips in a clean box and include a block of propolis.

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