Dorset County Show Planning

Is is not often I put socials at the top of the blog page but this time I am.

Why you may ask.

Well the reason is that this is not just any social – this is a Dorset County Show Planning Social. Yes this is a meeting to all get together and plan who does what to make a visit to the  Dorchester and Weymouth Beekeepers’ marquee a memorable one. So if you can spare any time over the show weekend then make certain you are at the social this Thursday in the rear bar of  the Colliton Club.

And even if you cannot spare any time to help at the Dorset Show come to the social on Thursday and share your ideas.

And even if you haven’t got any ideas then come to the social anyway and buy us all a drink!

But on a more serious note we do need volunteers and there is still time to read the schedule and get your entries in.





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