To get in touch with us, or find out more about our Association, send an email to our secretary, Sally Leslie at:

If you think you have a swarm please click here and check the information from the BBKA or go to our swarms section.

President – Chris Slade:
Tel: 01300 320777
Mob: 07773 387987
Chair – Liz Rescorla:
Tel: 01305 889916
Vice Chair – Christopher Donaghy:
Tel: 01305 852317
Mob: 07818 654936
Treasurer – Roland Benjamin:
Tel: 01305 268432
Secretary – Sally Leslie:
Membership Secretary – Richard Norman:
Tel. 01305 786585
Webmaster – Stephen Potts:
West Dorset Secretary – Mrs C Brown:
Tel.01308 456210
Auction Contact – Andy Ranson:
Tel.01305 770730
Seasonal Bee Inspector – Kevin Pope:
Tel.07775 119466

If you have photos/articles which you think may be of interest to others, which are appropriate for the website, please e-mail them to Stephen Potts.