Apiary Tasks in April

4th April 2020
Tasks for the Apiary in April is published and hopefully brings to your attention things you should be doing in the apiary.
We are still in a lock down – and may be for some considerable period of time. However the bees still need inspecting and to be honest “inspecting livestock” means that I can drive over to my apiary and not feel guilty.

One fear I have that is that whilst we are not visiting the countryside either individually or en masse the Asian Hornet is quietly getting established. Several bee keepers have been in contact with me in the last few days and as they have traps in their gardens or are visiting their traps every day I have been able to furnish them with some Trappit (previously known as Suterra). Hopefully they will catch nothing but as the temperature warms up we are more likely to find Asian Hornet Queens coming out of hibernation – if we have any.

I have also added a page on Hive sizes. This often causes confusion, especially amongst beginners. I wrote it initially for the upcoming auction at Taunton – which alas is now cancelled – but I completed it as I still think it contains some useful information. Have a look and let me know what you think.