So many talks

This year has been disappointing in that we have not been able to get to things like the Bee Safari and visit other apiaries but as this post will hopefully show there is a lot going on. Thanks to the virus many organisations have set up lectures which we can attend remotely and enjoy.

First amongst my list of possibilities is a set of lectures at the website. These are actually hosted by BIBBA. I am not going to list all the lectures but this subset may stimulate your interest. In fact there are so my lectures I have just grabbed the first few:

If you want to see recordings of previous lectures they are on the BIBBA website.

Hive Lures

With so much swarming going on it would be nice if you could set up one of your empty hives as a bait hive. Hopefully the next time you visit the apiary the previously empty hive would be fully populated.

On Ebay, under the category “Beekeeping -used items”, there is some dark brood comb for sale as a potential lure. The price of the frames does make it feasible to use them as a lure.

Advice from those who are experts on apiary hygiene is do not use old brood comb as a lure. Thus the advice is to not purchase used brood comb. It risks bringing disease to your apiary.

A better method of setting up the hive as a bait hive is to set up the hive with clean frames with starter strips in a clean box and include a block of propolis.