Bees and Honey at Dorchester County Show

Hopefully the bees are doing what bees should be doing – making honey. And now is your chance to show us how good your bees are.

At the Dorchester County Show there will be a Honey Competition where the best bees can be judged- as well as their keepers!

Attached to this blog is the schedule for the show and also an entry form.

There is no point in producing the whole of the document again on this page but for those of us who sell honey I thought these words of advice from the schedule may be of interest:

  • Ensure that clear honey is clear with no crystals or frothy scum.
  • Ensure that set honey is set.
  • The surface should be dry with no trace of scum or ring of bubbles.
  • Overfill your jars to start with – this allows for skimming.
  • Ensure your honey is spotlessly clean.
  • Honey must be free from all foreign matter.
  • Screw the lid on firmly, polish the outside of the jar and stick on the label.
  • The next person to remove the lid should be the customer.
  • It doesn’t matter if the lid is wet with honey – as long as there is no honey on the outside of the lid or the jar.

Hopefully this will help you present your honey whether it is to the Show Judge, a consumer or just the tea table.

Anyway if you are entering the show here is the schedule and when you have read that then here is the entry form.


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