Bee Safari June 2019

The weather for flaming June came good for us even though the forecast was for an autumnal snap. It was a well attended day with a good turn out and a lot of people learned a lot of new information.

The emphasis was on the things to look for when inspecting a hive. I hope we all know what to check for when we inspect the hive. Often the emphasis is on finding the queen. But there is much else we should be looking for at the same time:

  • American Foul Brood
  • European Foul Brood
  • Varroa
  • Small Hive Beetle
  • Queen present
  • Deformed Wing Virus
  • Enough stores
  • Enough space

And I am sure there are things I have missed out. If there are then let me know.
Anyway here are some pictures from the recent Bee Safari.