August Tasks

Been a busy few weeks but I have added the August tasks. In summary August tasks include:

  • Get extraction kit out of the cupboard.
  • Get the honey out of the supers.
  • Decide on Varroa treatment.
  • Take precautions to prevent robbing – from wasps!
  • Check for Nosema.

So far this year has been quiet as regards the Asian Hornet but that does not mean we do not have a problem. If there are any Asian Hornets around now then they are from established nests and it is even more important that we find the nests and have them destroyed.

At this time of year we may well be in the hedges picking blackberries and next month we may be picking sloes. Our experience so far has led us to assume that the secondary nests of the Asian Hornet are some 10 metres up the tree – but there are exceptions. Keep your eyes open when picking fruit and if you see an Asian Hornet get a photograph – preferably on the Asian Hornet App on your phone – and report it. Whatever you do you must not annoy it. That can alert a nest full of Asian Hornets and the consequences can be serious.

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