Asian Hornet Talk

As the weather shows signs of getting warmer we must be on our guard against the Asian Hornet – also known in some areas as the Yellow Legged Hornet

On Wednesday 13th February at 7pm we are hosting a talk on the Asian Hornet at the Colliton Club.

Mark White, the Dorset County AH Co-Ordinator is leading the evening, giving us the latest information plus how to use the traps properly, best place to site them and which bait for the time of year.

For members of the Dorchester and Weymouth Beekeepers we will also have the traps there for distribution.

Please remember to bring the grid ref or postcode of where you will be siting your trap as we want to monitor as many places as possible. If you do not know the postcode or grid reference then click on the map below, zoom in and pan to the trap site and click on it. Up will come the latitude and longitude. We can use that to plot the trap location on the map.

For beginners, or any members who don’t have bees at the moment, please come along anyway as it is important to know as much as possible about the Asian Hornet.

We will be hosting a map showing the location of all the Asian Hornet traps in the area. If we get a positive sighting the map will show us other traps in the area.

At the moment the map just shows random locations but I hope that after Wednesday night there will be plenty of markers showing the location of the traps.

Click on the map to load the zoom and pan version.
The map opens in a new window.

Map of Dorset Map of Dorset

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