Asian Hornet in the Press

10th April 2020
The Daily Telegraph has published an article on the threat of the Asian Hornet.
Also the Daily Mail has published an article on the threat.

There is also a story in the Sun – and I use the word “story” with care. The image is Asian giant hornet (Vespa mandarinia) and can be 20mm in length with a wing span of up to 75mm and a sting 10mm long.

On a more positive note we assume that the Asian Hornets that we found in the UK last year had grabbed a lift with vehicles coming over from French Channel ports. Under the present lock down there is a lot less traffic and thus a lot fewer opportunities for a lift.

I have also added another page of information to the site. This time on the frames that we use in the hive. When I first bought a hive I had no idea whether I needed SN4 or DN5 frames and that is why I wrote this page.

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