Well we found one Asian Hornet nest and then others found some more. The fear is that what we have found is just the thin end of the wedge and we may all have to up our game next spring when hibernating queens come out of hibernation. That is not good news.

It is the time of year when insects are less visible as the colder temperature takes its toll. The Asian Hornet will be one of the last to disappear as they seem to be able to tolerate lower temperatures when it comes to seeking out food. This is why it is still important to monitor your traps and keep your eyes open.

As the weather cools the leaves will fall from the trees and this will make any Asian Hornet nests more easily seen so if you are walking near trees look up. You are looking for a round nest – like a wasp nest – about the size of a football or possibly larger. If you see one let your nearest Asian Hornet coordinator know. It may be a false alarm but as someone you may call I never complain. This is a matter of such importance that any callout is worth attending.

And on a separate matter:

Time to renew your membership of the Dorchester and Weymouth Beekeepers. In a recent blog I mentioned that the Bee Disease Insurance was a useful insurance for peace of mind. I have now been informed that several members of our association have taken advantage of the insurance. Thus make certain you are covered – renew today. The membership form is here2019-2020 Membership Form and if you are fortunate/unfortunate to have to pay income tax the gift aid form is heregift-aid-declaration-form-dwbka-2019.

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